Pre-War buildings

The simplified rebuilding of a flat with a confirmation card


Pre-war buildings have been built in the period till the World War II. They were built mainly with the following materials: dolomitic rocks, boulders and clay bricks. Ceiling height is from over 2.5m up to 3.7m.

Apartments, which are not transformed, mainly in host homes often have two entrances (formerly one entrance was used by apartment owners and the other by servants). The buildings are up to six storeys high. Pre-war building room spaces are large with the exception of daughter (servants) rooms which are small.

Overall characteristics: dolomitic rocks, boulders and clay bricks
Loggia: no
Balcony: yes
Floors: 2 to 6
Floor height: 2.5m to 3.7m
Lift: no
Waste pipe: no

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We will evaluate documents

  • A Land Register Certificate (scanned)

  • Rebuilding description or sketch

  • Receive confirmation and bill

Receive a complete design

Within a day

  • In our office in Riga

  • At a parcel machine in your city

  • By registered mail anywhere in Latvia

After receipt of the design

  • Receive an acceptance at the Construction Board within ten days

  • Carry out the rebuilding within two years

  • Order a new inventory and notify the Construction Board on it

The design`s costs:

  • For standard flats in Riga - 139 EUR
  • For other flats in Riga and all over Latvia - 159 EUR
  • Other flats in Riga - from 179 EUR
  • Other flats in Latvia - from 199 EUR

The design consists of:

  • A confirmation card in 3 duplicates
  • An interpretative description on the premises rebuilding
  • A new floor plan with signatures of the designers
Order design!

Additional services:

  • Survey carried out by the building engineer starting from 100 EUR
  • An engineering network rebuilding scheme starting from 100 EUR
  • Heritage inventory protocol starting from 100 EUR